Gary Sinclair


Gary is an experienced speaker, teacher, coach, author and mountain lover. You’ll see that his life has continuously moved toward who he is today - an overcoming expert!

After working in youth ministry for three years and education for fifteen, Gary served as a pastor and counselor for the next 27 years in four churches of 200 - 2000 people. During that time he began to write extensively, was published in numerous magazines and journals and authored two blogs and three books. Never Quit Climbing is his most current book. He and his wife also have an article in a teacher-focused edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

He has two master's degrees, one in counseling and the other from seminary. He has been certified by the John Maxwell Team as a speaker and leadership coach. He currently spends much of his time helping leaders and their spouses walk through difficult times. He has been married to Jackie since 1976, has two grown children and six grandsons. He lives in Avon, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis.

You can also find Gary on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.