Hope for those facing
life's mountains.



The heart of Never Quit Climbing is hope and inspiration. Everyone has a story and at some point a mountain to climb - finances, job, illness, relationship, fear, addiction. And many people have neither the inner strength or belief system to take on the summit. So NQC will provide articles, pictures, stories and practical help about how to overcome life's greatest challenges.

We hope it will also be a place that climbers of all kinds will come to both find and offer inspiration and practical help about all kinds of mountain and climbing experiences from all over the world. NQC will be very fluid with something new to offer on a regular basis so keep coming back.


"You don't climb a mountain by looking at the summit. You get to the top by tackling one switchback at a time."




Gary and his wife Jackie love hiking in the mountains. Their treks have included climbs in Yosemite, Alaska, the Alps and Rockies to name a few. Their experiences together plus Gary's mountain trips with his family as a young person led him to coin the phrase Never Quit Climbing. In fact he began to use it years ago in letters, emails and speaking.

However, in 2003 he and Jackie took on her first 14er, Gray's Peak, in Colorado. While not a difficult ascent for most mountaineers, it was the beginning of a far greater climb that began just three months later. Jackie was diagnosed with stage 3 colon/rectal cancer. The next eighteen months led to myriad tests, radiation, chemo and surgeries.

However, they soon realized that their strategy for climbing peaks of granite could be used to take on this new personal mountain. It became clear that overcoming a life mountain also requires getting up the trail one switchback at a time. And thankfully they were able to also summit Mt. Cancer. Jackie is cancer-free today. But the same principles they used against cancer apply to any personal mountain. Subsequently they have shared the principles, cautions and practices they learned on their journey with hundreds of people.

In fact, Gary has a new book coming out soon called: Never Quit Climbing: Overcoming Life's Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains.. They want to tell their story so that thousands more can learn to conquer the mountains that life has thrown in front of them.




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